Promosolutions is an agency specializing in the organization of sporting, cultural and social events since 2006.
Our skills, expertise and references have helped us gain the trust of many Clubs at all levels of the hierarchy, in Canada and abroad.
We search for opponents, provide transportation, we offer trips, transfers, and organize matches on-site. We accommodate and provide solutions for your needs and aspirations.
A public event over several days requires a fair amount of logistics. Planning the event is our job. No detail escapes us: agreement with the city. Catering, bar, accommodation, transportation, signage, décor, and VIP section with Promo Solutions behind the scenes, your festival will attract crowds and praise.
Take advantage of our expertise in event planning. We work collaboratively with public relations agencies, which will help promote your event in the media.
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Organization of official or friendly matches


PROMOSOLUTIONS is an agency specializing in the organization of sporting, cultural and social events since 2006. The Agency designs, coordinates, produces and evaluates projects serving businesses, Governments, public and para-public entities, local authorities, private associations and non-profit groups.

Currently, everything that surrounds the preparation, organization and the realization of a high-level soccer game is too important to be left in the hands of non-professionals. Promo Solution has several years of experience in organizing events on the national and international stage. We can provide you with practical solutions for transportation logistics, security concerns, lodging and accommodations.

PROMOSOLUTIONS can also provide assistance with public relations, advertising, and the media.Organizers for official or friendly matches in the preparation phase or competition phase tour, as well as tours, meetings or galas.


Sport Event : Friendly Match

Organization of cultural event